Puhoro / Peha is a great undertaking, especially when carried out in consecutive days.

It is important to note that multiple back to back days under the needle requires a huge amount of stamina, endurance and resilience from the client, it's a real test.

It is very taxing on the artist also, but completing a puhoro in consecutive days is the best approach for this type of mahi in our opinion. Puhoro typically takes between 5 - 6 days.

For the most part, how much is achieved during the sessions is largely dependant on the client's ability to endure and sit well through the procedure. In some instances, it could go beyond the typical time frame if the client is finding it difficult to remain still or is distracted.


If you prefer to have it done in stages, we can do so in a combination of half or full day sessions with the minimum session being a half day. At least 3-4 weeks heal time is typically required in between sessions if it is not carried out in consecutive days.







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