When infection from a tattoo /moko occurs, it is usually due to a lack of proper aftercare management.


We can not control what you do after you leave our studio, so please adhere to the aftercare instructions as adivsed.


Remove the wrap/cover after 1 - 2 hours then take a shower.


  • Start the water temp at a luke warm setting, then after every 15-20secs or so, keep increasing the temperature until it is at a point that is uncomfortable but obviously not burning you.
    All the while you are washing the area with soap just using your hand.

  • When you are done showering, use a CLEAN towel to pat dry the affected area...DON'T WIPE.
    Once dry, apply a thin layer of your cream/ointment of choice.
    (Bepanthen, Lucas Papaw, A&D)

  • Apply cream daily up to 4 times a day or when needed. DO NOT let your Moko dry out.

  • During the healing period, shower normally but only wash the affected area for a max of 30 secs, then get it away from the main water flow, its best to keep your showers as quick as possible.

  • DO NOT bath or swim! Avoid moisture saturation (bathing/swimming) and avoid direct sunlight.

  • Keep up this aftercare regime for at least 2 weeks.

  • Keep an eye on your new ink during the healing period, and if any substantial red-ness occurs, seek medical advice.

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