Our aim is to make your Moko journey a positive and memorable one, please take time to read through a rundown of how we work, and things to be aware of before booking in to ensure we can achieve this.

Firstly, you must be over the age of 18 years on the day that you wish to receive Moko from us.

Our minimum rate for custom Moko work is $600.00 (A half-day session) per person.

Wiremu is a freehand custom Moko artist best suited to clients wanting to acquire his style, and who are willing to allow him full artistic license over his work. It is strongly recommended that you browse through his previous works to ascertain if his style is one that appeals to you, and resonates with what you envision before making a booking. Essentially, when you book-in you agree to let the artist have free reign of the piece.


Pricing is based on half day or full day sessions.

11am – 3pm @ $600.00 / 4pm – 8pm @ $600.00

11am - 8pm @ $1200.00 (w/1hr break)

The minimum rate for custom Moko
is a half-day session @ $600.00

For new clients, a 20% deposit is required to secure your appointment, and the remaining balance needs to be paid into our account the day before your appointment.


Should you need to cancel your appointment, get in touch with us ASAP, we need at least 48hrs notice so we can attempt to fill your spot.

If you fail to give us proper notice or do not show up to your allocated time...you risk forfeiting your deposit and another deposit will need to be paid to re-book.

To to proceed with making a booking click the link below.

If you still have questions, feel free to reply to this email with your query.




On the day of the appointment:


  • Make sure you get a good nights rest the night before your appointment.
    (FYI: Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol the night before your appointment could compromise the session.)

  • Do not come to your appointment under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Come to the appointment showered, well rested, fed and hydrated.

  • Shave the area that is to be worked on if possible, and don't apply any oils, creams, lotions or moisturizers to that part of the body. Doing this will help cut down on prep time

  • Come dressed appropriately. Loose fitting clothing is usually best.
    (Egdon't wear tight fitting denim jeans if  we are working on your upper thigh.)

    Note: Although we try our best to keep mess and ink spillage to a minimum, sometimes it is unavoidable...therefore we strongly advise that you wear clothing that you don't mind the potential of them getting a little messy.

  • Make sure your turn up on time, preferably 15mins before your appointment time. The session starts at the time from the appointment time slot, not the time that your turn up.


It is strongly recommended that you come to your appointment with as few onlookers as possible...better still, come alone.

Spectators can sometimes be distracting which can compromise the efficiency of the session. Full focus and concentration are required from both you and the artist produce a high standard of workmanship in the quickest time possible.
(If for some reason you need someone to come with you, please keep it to just one other person.)


Due to the many health and safety hazards and requirements, we ask that you please do not bring children to your appointment.




Arriving at the studio:

When you come in, just relax until someone greets you.

After the initial meet and greet, there will be a brief discussion to re-confirm the concept and placement of your piece.


Once the concept and placement is confirmed, the skin will then be prepped for the 'draw-up'



Draw - up:


For certain areas of the body, you may be required to remove clothing in order for the piece to be worked on freely and without restriction, so it is a good idea to bring a wrap/sarong/lavalava to the session in case you need to cover-up.


Before drawing up we need to clean and shave the skin with antiseptic soap. Isopropyl alcohol is then applied to the skin to remove oils and prep for draw-up.


The draw-up is probably the most important part of the whole process, and can take some time to complete, especially for large scale work. Even though it is just 'pen'..it is very important that you keep still during this process.


Using a skin marker, the design is mapped out directly on to the skin to produce a general outline of the piece. Stencils are not used.


From this draft drawing you will get the general shape , size and placement of the piece.


The finer details of the piece are not included in the draft drawing, they are tattooed directly into the skin 'on the fly'. 


When being drawn on, try to remain relaxed...don't flex or attempt to move into a position to help assist the artist. Alter your position only when asked to.




Putting ink into skin:

Keeping still is the key to receiving the best possible workmanship in the shortest possible time. Moving around, using your cell phone, constantly checking the progress of your piece or "rubber necking" can slow down the whole process and even worse, compromise the quality of the piece. Even small movements that you think mite not be a big deal could actually prove to be detrimental to the work, so for the best results...keep as still as possible!


Keep as relaxed as possible during the tattooing process, do not flex. Do not try to assist by adjusting your position to attempt to 'help' the artist, you will be asked to re-position if need be.


We need you to be as comfortable as possible... if you need a to have a pit stop ie; to drink, eat, go to bathroom, text or make a call, stretch or whatever...just let us know. However, be mindful that time is ticking.


In the unlikely event that you feel 'light-headed' or 'nauseous' let us know so we can evaluate the situation.



Wrap up:


After the piece is finished, the area will be cleaned thoroughly with surgical soap. Just relax until you have been asked to stand up to check out your new art.

Prior to wrapping up your piece, we will take a several of photos to capture your new art. PLEASE inform us if you do not want to have your piece/name mentioned or featured on any social media sites.

Photography / Copyright / Intellectual Property:


We retain all copyright ownership of the pieces/designs and artwork that we create. Images that feature our work must not be reproduced in anyway that includes printing onto items such as t'shirts, greeting cards, posters etc. They must also not be sold to any third parties to reproduce.

We receive a lot of requests from people wanting designs/drawings for other tattooist's to apply, unfortunately we do not offer this service.



After Care:


When infection from a tattoo /moko occurs, it is usually due to a lack of proper aftercare management.


We can not control what you do after you leave our studio, so please adhere to the aftercare instructions as adivsed.


Remove the wrap/cover after 1 - 2 hours then take a shower.


  • Start the water temp at a luke warm setting, then after every 15-20secs or so, keep increasing the temperature until it is at a point that is uncomfortable but obviously not burning you.
    All the while you are washing the area with soap just using your hand.

  • When you are done showering, use a CLEAN towel to pat dry the affected area...DON'T WIPE.
    Once dry, apply a thin layer of your cream/ointment of choice.
    (Bepanthen, Lucas Papaw, A&D)

  • Apply cream daily up to 4 times a day or when needed. DO NOT let your Moko dry out.

  • During the healing period, shower normally but only wash the affected area for a max of 30 secs, then get it away from the main water flow, its best to keep your showers as quick as possible.

  • DO NOT bath or swim! Avoid moisture saturation (bathing/swimming) and avoid direct sunlight.

  • Keep up this aftercare regime for at least 2 weeks.

  • Keep an eye on your new ink during the healing period, and if any substantial red-ness occurs, seek medical advice.

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